photographer Sandra Vitaljić
written by Marina Viculin


A superb nude by Sandra Vitaljić has been on the wall in Melin for a year or two. This nude, like Melin, and all those present there, is part of my life. Now that I write this text about Sandra’s nudes, it becomes clear to me that I think about it remarkably often. It is important to me. It shows the real state of things. Don’t be fooled, much more or much less is possible than the world will have you believe. This nude is important to me … it opens up new possibilities. And it opens your eyes …  


My friend protested violently at the idea that Sandra’s nude should enter her private space. I cut the conversation short … I don’t feel threatened by the sexual force in this photo. On the contrary, every time I look at it, part of the force sticks to me. 


It is alive, able and willing.