Stancia Mamú - the Home of Pleasant Living

architect Željko Burić
project Vacation House, Kurili, Croatia
written by Jasminka Rusan


The climate, the natural and geographical characteristics all make Istria a mild place where the effects of the continent gently merge with those of the Mediterranean. Istria, in fact, foreshadows the Mediterranean.   


The deserted inland towns and villages, enshrou­ded in a mystery that can almost be touched, bear silent witness to many past events, fears, uncertainties and hopes of a better life somewhere else.


It is difficult to speak of Istria without a feeling of melancholy. And it is easy to fall into the trap of pathos and sugary triviality. 


The silent and sleepy towns are ideal retreats for the modern man saturated with the hectic and schizophrenic urban atmosphere. Information systems have made it possible to have a place of work in the most inspiring locations that are not physically connected with the workplaces of one’s collaborators. Istria has become a permanent residence for many people or simply a place to “recharge one’s batteries”.