The Villa Jež

architect Mario Perossa
project The Villa Jež, Lovrečica, Croatia
written by Krunoslav Ivanišin


The paradox in the politics of identity lies, in short, in the fact that we need identity in order to feel free to rid ourselves of it. The one thing worse than having an identity is not having one.
Terry Eagleton, Ideja Kulture / The Idea of Culture, 2000 


In his book, The Idea of Culture, Terry Eagleton shows that the term culture is not directly opposed to the term nature. According to Eagleton, the connections between these two words and notions are manifold: in the etymological sense the word culture derives from the word nature. Perhaps the most original meaning of the word culture is agriculture, i.e. the work involved in sustaining natural growth. These claims are of particular interest if we view culture from the aspect of promoting regional, national and other differences within our present-day global civilisation, i.e. as a phenomenon largely in opposition to this type of civilisation.