Attention: Fragile!

architect Sašo Uran
project Lovšin Gallery and Shop, Ljubljana, Slovenia
written by Maja Ivanič


Now and again we are surprised by simple and perfectly logical answers to “big” complex questions. It is as if the answer had been in front of our eyes all along, yet we failed to see it! Still, it would be fair to admit that simple ideas always entail elaborate and intensive thought.


A new vase gallery and shop has recently been opened in Ljubljana, one of the latest projects by Sašo Uran. It is certainly a project/space which can surprise us by its dignified minimalism; nothing is overdone and the materials used are not ostentatious. This interior, nested on the ground floor of a baroque house on the bank of the Ljubljanica, has been designed to serve the beauty and the preciousness of the exhibits and give the gallery a magical atmosphere.