The Beautyfying Stage

architect Bojan Lebar
project Hairdressing Salon, Murska Sobota, Slovenia
written by Ljiljana Šepić


After twenty years of heavy use, the owners of the hairdresser’s salon in Murska Sobota decided to renovate it because of its dilapidated facilities and worn-out furniture. For this job they engaged the young architect Bojan Lebar.


Any conversion is defined by the existing structural potentials and limitations. The approach of Bojan Lebar to this specific interior task is not only defined by the new spatial relations, carefully chosen materials and well-interpreted light design, but also by the sociological aspect of the task.


The shop, which was formerly strictly divided into a women’s and men’s hairdresser’s, with separate entrances, has been connected by a central waiting, meeting and socialising area and now has a shared entrance.