The Phenomenon of Marul and Judita - a Permanently Glowing Icon

written by Zlatko Gall


The fusion of the awareness of heritage and of modernity, the soft blend of the local and universal, or the advocacy of spirituality through regional cultural features, is where the key point of contact between Marulić, Parać and Trebotić lies. This could also best explain the reason for Marulić’s unworn condition and permanence.


How was it that Marko Marulić, the great author from Split, and his epic poem “Judita” marked the last year of the second, and the very beginning of the third millennium? Was this only due to the imperative of celebrating “round numbers” and to the expected interest of the public in big anniversaries: five hundred years since “Judita” was completed, and 550 since Marulić’s birth?