The Vinola Hairdressing Salon

architect Filip Kožarić
project The Vinola Hairdressing Salon, Zagreb, Croatia
written by Dubravko Bačić


Traditionally, young architects debut with interiors. Though youth and the task may give little direction, in this case these factors have proved to be highly stimulating for the architect Filip Kožarić and the “Vinola” hairdressing salon. 


The hairdresser’s is located in the centre of the city of Zagreb, that is, in Medulićeva ulica opening onto Ilica. The area of the salon covering just 28 sq m is the City’s property and it has been remodelled out of necessity, unlike many other fixed arrangements which have left many interesting buildings empty.


The task was far from simple; how to remodel a protected functionally obsolete building with deteriorated installations, and with a neglected appearance in an attractive location?