How Do You Say Česma

authors Emir Jelkić, Katja Šoltes
runner Dave Jones


I come from one of the most multicultural cities in the world so... diversity is something that attracts me. It attracted me here initially and it still does.


I’d been working in Germany briefly and ... yeah... the opportunity came up ... I was registered with a college in London and it came down to a decision between here and Brazil…and here I am.




I left my apartment with its gritty surroundings, shot up buildings, it was really cold, the end of winter, early spring, but clear skies, and I remember running past the hospital that was being built out there and, you know, across the road there was a mosque being rebuilt, the minarets had been shot to pieces and, yeah... I thought about this rebuilding and here I was, doing the same for me. Every time that I run I rebuild my life, I think.