Zone(s) of Interference

photography Aleksandra Vajd
written by  Marina Gržanić Mauhler


Aleksandra Vajd’s photographs taken at border checkpoints produce a radical decentralisation of the narrative space through the absence of a clear physical presence of any human being, producing an immense void. The “subject” of the photographs does not emerge as a subject, but is referred to indirectly, and is therefore present by its absence, existing as a void in the image. This is an important cut in the narration of the photographs. The disappearance, or the “gentle” displacement, from the photographs of any humans is one of the most striking moments in this newly produced series entitled Zone.  Aleksandra Vajd (born in Maribor in 1971) also privately took a certain path of displacement: she graduated from FAMU, Prague, where she received her master’s degree, and is presently working there as an assistant professor.