Fishing Port

architects Ante Mardešić, Andrej Stanojević
project Fishing Port, Komiža, The Island of Vis, Croatia
written by Nenad Kondža


If I had to define the cultural heritage of Komiža, I would not first consider the buildings or the landscape, but the FISHING. That is why the island’s material heritage, both the thriving and the abandoned settlements, could not be preserved only by buildings but instead by revitalising the economy with the recognized carriers: fishing, agriculture and tourism. 


A general stagnation along with a decrease in population have been the only constants of our islands during the past fifty years, and they could be only be reversed with new programmes that sustain, modernise or lean on what already exists, while giving new impulses to the local human experience. Traditionally, life on the island, especially in Komiža, is attached to the sea (fishing) and coexistence with it, and it is obvious that the development of the island, or the instigation of it, must be tied up with the sea through traditional elements and morphologic conditions that would serve as an advantage and incentive for development.