Inflated Light

architects Gašper Demšar, Maja Tasič Demšar
project The Slovenian Chamber of Commerce, Maribor, Slovenia
written by Ana Gruden Andrejak


Architects Gašper Demšar and Maja Tasić Demšar were asked to adapt the basement of an office building in Maribor into the education centre of the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce. Since the underground space receives no natural light, the main goal of the authors was to achieve good working conditions primarily by using intense and playful lighting. Besides the creative application of materials, it is precisely the light that gives the new space an exquisitely subtle tone and a perfect aesthetic effect.   


The space has a separate entrance and it acts as an independent unit within the office building. From the  relatively small entrance area on the ground floor, the staircase descends into the basement. The transparent glass railing opens it visually, thus allowing natural light to penetrate the lower space. Horizontally mounted lamps along the stair treads additionally emphasise the rhythm of descent. Constantly, we walk abreast with the light.