Interview: Nenad Fabijanić

architect Nenad Fabijanić
interviewed by Vera Grimmer, Andrija Rusan, Ante Nikša Bilić


ORIS: The way you approach architecture is determined, recognisable and very subjective; you’ve called such an approach the “simultaneous duality of continuous harmony and individual profiling”.


Fabijanić: It is good to know that there is something distinctive in my work. That might be the ultimate goal, the purpose. In my life, and I am talking about the choice of profession, I was guided by the notion of the dignified, the decent. So, some elementary ethical and educational characteristics should also be introduced into one’s own work. That includes respect for continuity, for the establishment of harmony and scale in every way, since that might be one of the fundamental postulates of architecture. In that context, I am suggesting personal profiling. To begin with, it seemed that it needed to be based on good taste, and the refinement of experience, but I realised that this was not critical for “creation”, that it helped only minimally. I tried, in a comprehensible and personal manner, to find a method and a dialogue. It is certainly about making some very small steps forward. And that is actually all there is. How the personal profiling is expressed, how it begins, for what reasons, what your origins mean, and what education, what school, and what the experience of creating is over time, and changing, changing, changing…. That’s the way it is. My open path. Luckily, it still remains undefined.