Periscope House

architect Goran Rako
project Periscope House, Jakići, Podgora, Croatia
written by Goran Rako


The construction of Periscope House was planned on the land of my grandfather Lujo Jaki}, next to the house he erected in 1922 when he first came home from abroad where he had toiled for 35 years.


When he came home for the last time to stay in 1947, he bought 150 olive trees and a few scattered vineyards, and dedicated himself to what he always wanted to do: to till his own land.


Sitting in front of the house that stood half way between the sea and the Biokovo peaks, he could see the high-rises in Split – but not the Hill of Marjan screened by the island of Brač – then mount Vid and the ridge of Zlatni rat (Golden Cape), the passage to the high seas through the Hvar Channel, then the entire crest of the island of Hvar and the summits of Korčula behind, and the inverted saw of the peninsula of Pelješac further to the south. The house turned its back against the mountain on whose steep southern slopes there lie Drašnice, Podgora, Tučepi and Makarska like scattered sun collectors, soaking up the heat of the winter sun to warm the walls of the houses and the bones of their dwellers.