The Sensuality of the Surface

architect Alessio Princic
project The New Facade of the Union Brewery, Ljubljana, Slovenia
written by Miha Dešman


... It seems to be too simple to say that something cannot be described. However, we cannot say anything else about the light given by the architecture of glass. It suffices to think about floodlights mounted on glass columns and all airplanes, about the thousands of colours of these floodlights. About glass trains, all in lively colours. About the light that will also shine at night through the numerous glasses of factories. About large palaces and cathedrals, all in glass, about villas, also of glass, about urban complexes on land and in water – the latter often floating – and about the water flowing in changing colours. The inhabitants of Mars and Venus will rub their eyes and never recognise the surface of the Earth.

Paul Scheerbart, Glasarchitektur, Der Sturm, Berlin 1914.