When Clothes Become Art

author Matej Andraž Vogrinčič
written by Aurora Fonda


There is no doubt that one of Matej Andraž Vogrinčić’s phobias is that of empty surfaces. The surfaces of simple, commonly used objects such as armchairs, travel bags or the surfaces of big buildings and tall walls. These bare surfaces somehow tickle the artist’s sensibility, inspiring him to undertake great wrapping and dressing projects. It all started in the mid nineties with occasional interventions in certain galleries in Ljubljana, where the author used to dress up bananas for fun or design clothes for armchairs in his particular style rendering those objects original and attractive.


His practice reached its peak at the Biennale of Young Artists in Turin in 1998, where Matej Andraž Vogrinčič and Vuk Ćosić were selling mini-garments for bananas at the overcrowded market of the Savoyard city.