It's All Down to Chemistry

authors Studio Botas
written by Igor Međurac


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This late spring Slovenia saw a tide of design competitions for various important events, jubilees, and campaigns. One of those great chances to make a great breakthrough and a head-spinning profit? Perhaps, but not for Studio Botas, a group of visual designers who have pushed aside what seem to be appealing public competitions, and put their heads together to establish genuine relationships with flesh-and-blood customers.


It’s all down to chemistry


“Unpredictability is the key word here; when a project starts we do not know what we are getting into. Only after we study the customer can we arrive at what the product should be like” says the founder of the studio Bo{tjan Botas Kenda, sitting comfortably on his sofa and nibbling on fried almonds. The room we “parked in” is, in a way, the living room of this graphic studio. It serves for everyday brainstorming and business meetings, that is, it is comfortable.