Simplicity's Beauty

architects Aleksandra Dolenec, Gregor Gojevič
project An Annex to the Family House, Velenje, Slovenia
written by Aleš Vodopivec


An annex conceived by architects Aleksandra Dolenec and Gregor Gojević to stand next to the three-decade old family house in the Velenje suburbs, and built three years ago, is a relief in itself: it is just a family house that obviously wishes to be nothing more than a well thought-out, modest and constrained framework for the interior space. A space that is comfortable both for the people who live there and the surroundings in which it stands. 


I apprehend their architecture as a relief primarily because it is a contrariety to the construction of our family houses which mainly destroy the image of the Slovenian countryside. Houses are too expensive and too big, often badly and arrogantly designed and, as usual, non-functional and mostly technically old-fashioned. A simple, almost anonymous wooden case is strange for such typical surroundings of Slovenian family houses. It is attractive precisely because of its dissimilarity, a relieving rigidity of Euclidean geometry. It bears witness to the defiance and decisiveness of the architects, which can obviously only be realised when the client and the designer meet in the same person.