The Ark of St. Nicholas the Traveller

architect Eligio Legović
project The Church of St. Nicholas, Pula, Croatia
written by Jasminka Rusan


A church is a sign in space


A church, as an urban element, by its usually free standing body, expressive verticality and rich scenery has emphatically characterised the space where it stands throughout centuries and it continues to do so nowadays. On the other hand, from the believers’ point of view on a symbolic level it is an important place of congregation and contemplation.


Hence, the church is a sign in space and time whereby it becomes a sign in our memory.


The church of St. Nicholas the Traveller is placed atop a peninsula overlooking Pješčana uvala (Sandy Bay) in Pula. The freestanding volume located on high dominates the view from all directions. Before actually seeing Pješčana uvala, the first sign and image to remember is the whiteness of St. Nicholas’ church framed by the surrounding greenery.