A Sanctuary For All

architect Aleš Vodopivec
project The Srebrniče Cemetry, Novo Mesto, Slovenia
written by Jurij Kobe


Only with a bridge is one able to establish a space: the banks, the river… these are the words of the old and much quoted philosopher of space and time.


So are these: architecture is nothing like a painting ’which always starts with the blank canvas challenging the painter by the force of the blankness to paint again on it his picture’, which are the words of the poet Andrej Medved in his study “Pregelj, Stupica, Bernard – the issue of continuity in Slovene painting”.


I have always been fascinated by cemeteries. When I visit a town or a village I usually do not miss the cemetery. Not for necrophilic reasons. For me they represent an integral part of a town. But yes, I am also fascinated by these deserted towns of the dead, Jewish ones, military ones…