Drawing With Light

architect Heinz Tesar
project Church of Christ, Hope of the World, Vienna, Austria
written by Vera Grimmer


Light in space is the beginning of architecture and the beginning of spatial sensation. Only through light does space reveal its essence. Space is born from the light and reflects a gamut of colours, intensities, motions, metaphors, day and night. 

Heinz Tesar, Monograph, 1995


The flow of light changing with the seasons and with the bright and dark hours of the day imbues with a specific sensation the space of Tesar’s new church at the edge of Donaucity, a new conspicuous Viennese quarter on the banks of the Danube. Aware of the challenges, the Viennese Diocese invited the most prominent Austrian architects such as Domenig, Peichl, Henke-Schreieck, Kada, and Piva to enter the competition. The jury chaired by Boris Podrecca decided to give the award to the entry of Heinz Tesar, the architect of the evangelical church in Klosterneuberg near Vienna, completed in 1995, and several churches in the Salzburg region: Schleedorf 1974, Unternberg 1979, and Kleinarl 1986.