Interpretation of the Invisible

architect Ana Šverko
project Roman Chaise Longue Transformed Into a Bench, Split, Croatia
written by Dina Ožić Bašić


The historical core of Split is, quite literally, permeated with layers of time. Those pieces which are recognised as architecture and form a series of valuable jewels of earlier centuries around the Palace of Diocletian show that every age has acknowledged space in its own particular fashion. Architects would peel off the layers of history and complement the urban matrix with their own crystal-clear expression.


Innocuous and conformist attempts to intervene in the benumbed stone shells produce but brittle sparks of life, suggesting each time the nearly tragic beauty of the Mediterranean. No wonder, then, that one is impressed by Ana Šverko’s timeless beat, as she juxtaposes the sheer power of steel with the perfection of the antique stone wall.