architect Mario Perossa
project Lovrečica, Croatia
written by Svetislav Šandorov


It is a great pleasure to think about architecture that leaves no one indifferent, that provokes an opinion straight away, positive or negative, that fully portrays the author, like a self-portrait, personal as it is in the slightest detail.


Art, including architecture, has complete creative freedom. Free from the chains of style, canon, and trend, light and stripped to the essence, this architecture has shone in full splendour. We must understand that we have been given the opportunity to acknowledge something here that has long been lost to the western world, that is, the environment, our particular blend of the Mediterranean and Central Europe and its exotic charm. We must understand that architecture cannot compete with the environment in which it is set, because the setting has stronger arguments. A set of valuable and expensive details must not outdo the value of the whole.