Generating the New

architects Ivana Ergić, Vanja Ilić, Zorislav Petrić
project Kralj Tomislav Square, Samobor, Croatia
written by Miroslav Geng


A superposition of layers generates, over time, physical and cultural conglomerates that reflect the history of a town. Those aggregates of different spaces shape human life, needs and activities, and express the spirit of the times. “Positive” and “negative” spaces within such conglomerates equally affect behaviour in the public and private sphere. Acting as caesurae in the urban continuum, squares become architectural stage sets and centres of life.


Trg Kralja Tomislava in Samobor is an imposing square for a small town of northwest Croatia that is able to stage many different activities from gatherings and romantic rendezvous to the traditional carnival. The genesis, morphology and the topography of the square reflect the medieval enlargement of two streets, Livadićeva and Kleščićeva, to accommodate the need for a public area and the marketplace.