Redesign of Reconcilement

architect Nenad Kondža
project Post Office Interior Redesign, Zagreb, Croatia
written by Dubravka Kisić


The relation between architecture and redesign is one of fate. It is a product of time, of the physical environment, but also of our lasting efforts to change our own surroundings. We often accept the first solution as we would our own fate, whilst with the second we rightfully address aesthetic, technical and primarily ethical issues.


Theory, today, stresses the principle that no single period has the right to obliterate the creative achievements of the period preceding it, and especially not from the position of judging whether the aesthetic views of the achievement coincide with those prevailing today. Simply put, each work of art, as a witness of the times in which it was created, has the right to survive. By accepting such principles, we can define redesign as an extremely delicate and risky design issue.