architect Ante Nikša Bilić
project Poslovno-sportski centar Otok, Zagreb, Hrvatska
written by Daria Torre


The accepted definition of an island is a piece of land surrounded by sea. It was this name that was given to the office and sports centre, the work of architect A.N. Bilić, which is located in Zagreb’s southern suburb on the site of a cornfield encircled by a road, a railway line and the residential blocks of New Zagreb. For an architect of Mediterranean provenance, the toponym was inspired by the idea of harbours and ships, an idea which was not restricted by the undefined plain landscape of the site. Bilić used the entire environment to the utmost and created a building whose rounded volume with an emphasised, metal encased chimney and spacious terraces/observation decks, remind us of a ship anchored off an island in the Turopolje plains.