The Possibilities of the Imperceptible

architects njiric + njiric arhitekti
project McDonald's Drive In, Maribor, Slovenia
written by Emil Šverko


To shun an interview with the authors is to recall the destiny of the critic whose theories of Duchamp’s bicycle were so bluntly rejected by the author himself who said that he made it only because he liked to spin its wheel whenever he passed from the kitchen into the living room. I am well aware of the critic’s incapacity to replace his own optic with that of a window glass, but I also know that it is possible to “make a ship out of water”, for ice is the forefather of all waters.


The milky and platinum life course of Norma Jean Baker, who was defined by beauty, and who became a definition of beauty as Marilyn Monroe, delineates the course of McDonald’s transformation from junk-food culture to a criteria-setting authority. Having established the parallel, let me point to the diagonal.