Interview: Lebbeus Woods

architect Lebbeus Woods
interviewed by Leo Modrčin, Ante Nikša Bilić, Ivan Rupnik


ORIS: Since your exhibition in Zagreb in 1991 , your work has been in touch with the dramatic events in these regions which have inspired several of your projects, books and publications. We could say that you have become an integral part of our cultural space and at the same time made it part of a global exchange. 


Woods: I would like to think so, though I am not so sure. In these ten years so much has happened and so few of my hopes have been realised. Sometimes I think that what we did in Zagreb in 1991 was to indulge in fantasy. I thought then that architecture could generate change, a revolution, a transformation. I think now that was naïve, but I think that it takes a certain kind of naïveté to plunge into radical projects, to think that architecture can make a difference in a political crisis. Our instinct was to try to think of an architecture that could appear quickly, a kind of temporary, interventionist architecture that would create a space dedicated to the idea of transformation.