Pavilion Laško

architect Andrej Kemr
project Tourist Office Pavilion, Laško, Slovenia
written by Nande Korpnik


The marriage between architect Andrej Kemr and the town of Laško has lasted for some time. More than a decade ago, with his professional colleague Miljenko Liculj and designer Tomaž Kržišnik, he restored and adapted Laško’s old town in a way that was conceptually current for that time, receiving as he did so great acclaim. When he transferred his activities two hundred metres lower down on the bank of the Savinja, his creativity served to revive with great success the large, old building. It is thanks to architect Andrej Kemr that Hotel Savinja has remained yet another beautiful reminder of the town’s past, and its adaptation satisfies present needs. Kemr also worked for the Laško brewery, designing its museum, the town fences, and the list goes on.