The Geometry of the Neighbourhood

architect Teufik Galijašević
co-author Boris Koružnjak
project Poslovno-stambena zgrada, Zagreb, Hrvatska
written by Ivan Juras


The architects Teufik Galijašević and Boris Koružnjak have built an office/residential house in the Trnje area of Zagreb, the city district which has gradually been assuming the appearance of a planned zone. Trnje is the newly formed part of a wider city centre, near the railway. Many previous competitions have not resulted in any realisations. The particularly interesting one (twenty years ago) was the “Zagreb-Study of Central City Space” by two professors of the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb, B. Kincl and N. Šegvić. The study explored the “first-rate urban matrix” or the “Palatine” as a compact urban agglomerate that would be able to renew neglected suburban space.