A Bed for Public Use

written by Nada Beroš

Second Avenue - East 2nd Street, Manhattan

An elongated horizontal photograph, white on white, shows part of a bed. The double bed, often called ’the matrimonial’, is devoid of any individuality, and evokes a hotel atmosphere rather than a domestic setting. The focus is on the head of the bed, to be more precise, the two pillows bearing the exaggerated imprints of heads. It seems as if the bed has just been left, as if the bodies have just moved out of the frame. A white sheet, nonchalantly crumpled in a slightly decorative way and reminiscent of a Baroque painting, marks the foreground. However, contrary to the Baroque play of shadow and light, there are no strong contrasts here, everything is greyish white, monotonous. This image, it seems, has more in common with minimalism or postpainterly abstraction, colour field painting, monochrome painting, art informel.... forms of contemporary art practice, whose credo was based on the ’event-free’, rather than on the play of dramatic moves.