A Measure of the Climate and a Measure of the Times

architect Dinko Kovačić
project Villa Stupalo, Split, Croatia
written by Nikola Polak


The latest realisation of architect Dinko Kovačić in Split was a surprise only to those who are not acquainted with this architect’s creative motif – he never repeats himself. The Villa Stupalo is a classical example of the Late Modern. It is an excellently balanced monochromic building whose singular dynamics closes Kovačić’s thirty-year creative circle with his Split 3 opus.


The measure of expression has been reduced to plasticity of light and shadows and is expressed almost through a Meyer-like membrane. Covered in stone, whose shade indicates the proximity to the Meštrović Gallery, it is defined by glass walls which evoke Kauzlarić’s dematerialised ground floor of the Museum of Archaeological Antiquities nearby. According to the author, these evocations are unintentional and come from the same climatic imprint from which all Kovačić’s Split opus has evolved, layer by layer. However, most impressive is his control of the dispersion of the interior spaces over the flat terrain, as well as complete control over volume and dimension, so that it does not stand out from the surrounding buildings.