Aluminium, Chrome, Glass, Wood and Blue

architects Tomslav Ćurković, Zoran Zidarić
authors' assistants Dragana Milenković, Aleksandar Paris
project Adaptation of Zagreb Airport, Zagreb, Croatia
written by Miše Renić


The work of the duo Ćurković-Zidarić is characterised by thoughts on function (which is followed by form), a reduced expression; thoughts on context; they see design as architectural and not decorative. All these stipulations are visible in their interventions in the building of Zagreb airport carried out 1995-1999.


The problem of the passenger building of Zagreb airport lies in the fact that it was built during four different periods (1996-1991), so that its image today is a combination of four different architectural and design approaches. Functionally some areas of the building do not satisfy present day airport requirements and regulations. The essential improvements, which included the reconstruction and adaptation of individual parts of the airport, were only a partial solution. The authors have a concept for the complete redesign of the building space.