Inhabited Dry Stone Walls

architect Leo Modrčin
project Coastal Residence, Kraljevica, Croatia
written by Leo Modrčin


The site for the 400m² residence is located on a barren rock soaring 20 meters above the level of the Adriatic Sea, in the Bay of Kvarner, not far from the bridge to the island of Krk. The site is surrounded by other residences of considerable architectural ambition, mostly built in the thirties as part of a coastal resort. The terrain, covered with small trees and bushes, slopes upward toward the crown of  limestone rocks that precipitously end in cliffs over the sea.


The two residential wings are two intersected progressions of spaces. They are articulated by segmented planes that gradually ascend toward the two peak points of the site overlooking the sea. The planes that generate floors, walls and roofs are  spatially and structurally analogous, the result of  same  analytical fragmentation of the free-flowing planes in space. This fragmentation  follows the mathematical algorithms applied in computer-gene-rated representations of lines – the jagged lines.