Kain's Mark

written by Erich Hackl


The First Commandment: Let Your Memory Be Vigorous


“Your worst trait?” they once asked Franz Kain and he replied: “My very good memory”. “And your best trait?” – “My very good memory”. Long before these words Franz Kain wrote: “For a handful of cigarettes you find yourself in the midst of the heart ventricle of world history and for that you need a mild imagination and a vigorous memory”.


Several years ago the Oberösterreichische Nachrichten wrote: “The writer E. H. from Steyr claims: “In school the teachers trod on me like elephants”. E. H. from Steyr did not find it pointless to send in a note explaining to the press that he had never given such a statement and that, on the contrary: “I have the memory of an elephant. I never forget suffered or experienced injustice”.