Media Tower

written by Željko Kipke


If somebody were to tell you that a society had been founded in Graz called Medienturm (Media Tower) and that its members met at the former water tower, it would not be at all surprising if you were to accept and supplement the story with ideas of a clandestine organisation, special initiations for those entering sacred ground, etc. However, this is not the case, although one could find a hundred and one reasons to support such a tale. Even more so, because the organism of the tower always expects its inhabitants to exercise special discipline. If we recall the tragic figure of Quasimodo, the bell-ringer of Paris’s main cathedral, or the numerous anonymous lighthouse keepers, who were forced to become versed hermits. In other words, whether they liked it or not individuals or groups, outcasts of their own free will, had to accept tasks for which the bustle of the everyday neither cared for nor had any idea about. Their perception was focused elsewhere. If anything else, their position offers a vantage -point. It is not only an advantage over the terrain, but also offers unimagined new forms of communication.