New Contextuality

architects Peter Ebner, Günter Eckerstorfer
project Student Home, Salzburg, Austria
written by Sanja Filep


This “today”, when Le Corbusier, “who grabbed Europe from behind”¹, belongs to an era which we are coming out of, and when the pluralism of our age offers us the freedom of choice to select “our own Utopias”, raises a series of new questions.


What does the interpolation of the new into an old, protected core mean? Which, if any, parameters bind us? Does the decision still lie in the competency of art historians, who observe architecture primarily through its “skin” in this age of information science, which has changed the criteria for evaluation and has introduced a new perception?


The contemporary perception of contextuality can be analysed in the student’s home building in Salzburg, work of architect’s Ebner and Eckerstorfer.