Casa Nicoletti versus Casa Pantarotto

architect Alessio Princic
project The Restoration of the Nicoletti House, Udinese, Italy
written by Matteo De Colle


This is a definition of good architecture, … not something new but to see what exists in a new way.

Peter Zumthor


The debate on architectural restoration inspired us to contemplate upon the duration of the building and the antinomies which result as a consequence: the preservation of the image / the preservation of material; the protection of the original intent / the need for new interpretation. The restoration of the modern particularly commits one to analyse the essence of the artistic work, in view of the fact that quite often original materials are used intentionally as temporary solutions and have to be exchanged.


Therefore, a restoration of this type compels the architect to align his project with the intentions of the original author and to preserve the materiality of the original building used. Alessio Princic’s intervention does not depart from this logic and the accomplished result, in its formal consistency and through excellent use of material, gives him every right to it.