The Challenge of Set Frames

architects Vlaho Alamat & Tonko Zaninović
project Interpolation at 4 Masarykova Street, Zagreb, Croatia
written by Marijana Kasun


If heading toward the very heart of Zagreb from the so-called “theater square”, one is bound to take the dynamic, lively, urban track of Masarykova street. It rushes the stroller as if by an invisible string to the places that stand for what this city is. By way of “Kavkaz”, “Zvečka”, and other “ places to remember” toward today’s KIC, ZKM, and on.


Though it preserved its original course, in an architectural sense “Masarykova” lost its original character. Today it is stylistically heterogeneous combining now most different styles such as Classicism, Art Nouveau, and Modernism, unbalanced in heights, of variable building pattern, with strong emphasis on the crossings (the Löwy’s mini-skyscraper of 1933/34.) Yet, it does not justify why, “confronted by deposited history”, one should accept such disunion, “amalgamated by long co-habitati­on”1, as a historical unity and value.