Open Wardrobe

architects Vojteh Ravnikar & Robert Potokar, Maruša Zorec
project The France Bevk Library, Nova Gorica, Slovenia
written by Vojteh Ravnikar


A library is an area, which brings together and focuses content. It is an area per se, which converges towards itself and, at the same time, it is an area from which content patterns emanate. A library is not a vault in which secrets are kept. It is the secret and its layers, as well as its discovery, are accessible to all.


A library is a space where the soul is caught in books and awaits to be freed.


Thus, a library is a free space.


A book is a drawer in which we put away things that we need from time to time.


Thus, a library is also a wardrobe with innumerable drawers and, last but not least, a library is a wardrobe in which we live.