author Miha Klinar
written by Miha Klinar

In my work I find a good concept the most valuable. When I recognise it and accept it, it guides me while I design, solutions are being supplemented, working is not strenuous and everything develops quickly and on its own. If this is not the case, I return to the concept, modify it and start again. I have learnt that drawing comes only after I have a well thought-out strategy in my head. The realisation of such a prepared project is fast and concentrated, so that there is always some time left over for problems, which paper cannot solve. When everything is going smoothly, I know I will be satisfied with the object, long before it has been fully designed. Shape – the form of the product is vital, however, sometimes it does not seem essential; form is always limited by the possibility of realisation as well as with financial, technological and other parameters connected to industrial design, it is harnessed into a specific trend of time and, therefore, is never perfect.