To Emphasise and to let Disappear

architect Rainer Köberl
project Halotech Showroom, Bozen, Italy / Spö Office, Innsbruck, Austria
written by Arno Ritter


I think that yearning after silent things has become very strong, the one after the objects whose purpose lies in nothing else but in doing that for which they are created. Craving after things not voluble and so not tutoring or insulting us by their stupidity.

Friedrich Achleitne


This quotation by Friedrich Achleitner which he formulated thinking of furniture and household objects could be also applied to the widest range of architecture, in the sense of an attitude towards design. Because, in the times when an arrangement of the so called special or new and the extolling of the formally unusual become a decisive force of media systems and of economics, it is obvious that the need for things silent is also rising. Yearning after the normal is present in the first place when the extravagant has become a custom. In reaction to the spirit of times which emphasises the theme of the actual and of the time-appropriate and, in its dynamics, all the time striving towards competition, the request for the timeless and the unobtrusive has slowly creeped into collective conscience.