Wall as a Sculpture

architects Sonja Miculinić & Bojan Leva
project Café Bar Amerika, Ljubljana, Slovenia
written by Andrej Hrausky


Sonja Miculinić was born in Rijeka and, like many, she studied architecture in Ljubljana.


Like everything she undertakes, she entered architecture with her, seemingly, inexhaustible energy, always in good spirits and driven by curiosity. The latter is to blame for the fact that Sonja managed to reach the inaccessible Mallaparte villa on Capri, that she visited Uchido and that Petar Zumthor, personally, drove her in his coupé to the presentation of awards for alpine architecture. This already says much about her architectural orientation. And also that she does not observe the development of architecture by leafing through magazines, but from close-up and from the first-hand. Therefore, it should not surprise us that it found expression in the quality of her works. And this is precisely what happened.