architects Vedrana Ergić & Marko Murtić
project The Rovinj Tobacco Factory Branch-Office Interior, Zagreb, Croatia
written by Ante Nikša Bilić

The dichotomy of the Zagreb Lower – Town apartment is the beginning of reflexions on the interior by the architect couple of the AAG-design centre, Vedrana Ergić and Marko Murtić.


The layout, as the first metamorphosis of thoughts of the previous and today’s authors, is summarised into a single idea of a tripartite character. That is, of interconnected rooms looking onto the street as the first part of this typology. Some call these interconnected rooms (each room opening into the next) also an enfilade. The second part contains rooms which are on the surface and in their form more modest and always looking onto the yard of the Lower Town block. The third part is the catalyst of these two antipodes, presented in the form of a long corridor.