Croatian Graphic Design

written by Orsat Franković


The following text is the part of an essay written in the summer of 1996 in Zagreb, Dubrovnik and London as the obligatory post-graduate paper. Its original title is Croatian Graphic Design, MA in Graphic Design, Royal College of Art, Tutor: Emily King.


Its shortened version containing lots of illustrations and a slightly modified introduction was published in the British magazine Eye specialized in the visual communications.


I have to admit that at the very beginning of the story, when I was choosing the subject of the paper, my ulterior motive was not to promote my own “folklore” (let’s call it that way). Since all the literature of any significance, suitable for thorough research of contemporary typography or any modern technological expression, and other things that might have been of any interest at the time, remained in London I opted for the “domestic” subject. If I knew then what response this very subject would have met, I wouldn’t have thought of anything else.