Direct Logic

architects njiric + njiric
project Baumaxx, Maribor, Slovenia
written by Manuel Gausa


Abstract compreHENsions


On the actual international level njiric+njiric belong to one of the teams that we from ACTAR regard with special affection and a special kind of synergy. Simply: with sympathy.


The reason is their lucidity and precision, their clarity and positivistic optimism. The unusual complicity that is established between their activities and the preoccupation of the new architecture that is emerging). In the dynamic reality increasingly determined by mobility, information exchange and changes, that is, the basic principle of incertitude, only the right combination of intensity, interactivity, directness (and a certain level of indetermination) can result in the visibly effective action “formulae”. Today we are trying to promote “architecture – dispositive” capable of react to the environment and none the less able to re-activate that environment – influence it – through direct action that is at the same time assertive and complex, synthetic and evolutionary, explicit and multiple, precise and relaxed. This action is related to the flexible notion of order – “informal” order – regarding the basic schemes, operative criteria, in a single word, operative strategies that can stimulate given dynamic processes by a combination of successive simultaneous and concatenated information.