Interview: Branimir Medić & Pero Puljiz

architects Branimir Medić & Pero Puljiz
interviewed by Tadej Glažar


ORIS: In the last issue of Oris we have seen your project for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb. What were your motives to take part in the competition?


Medić+Puljiz: Zagreb has a wonderful tradition of the whole architect scene entering, once every four to five years , one huge competition. Over the recent twenty years we may remember the big competition for the Crematory, then for the building of the National University Library, quite recently for the Government building, and now for the Museum of Contemporary Art.It was interesting to work on this project since the program seemed very interesting and attractive. Besides, the location is extremely inspiring. Still, maybe the most important reason was not only to compete, but also to take part in a sort of a review which offers an insight in the present state of Croatian architecture. For us, this was a certain aspect of communicating with our colleagues, an opportunity that is not available every day.