Luxury of Photographic Self-Denial

photograph Mladen Tudor
written by Albert Goldstein


The photography might have always been offering too much, so that ,from the offered,one could not simply retract The one thing lacking that could have made this into a rule, was the exception itself. It is Tudor’s photography that provided us with the exception as well.


Among the offered, from the technicality as a key to creativity to aestheticism preceded by any sign and of any origin, from the conventional forms of the so-called art photography, to genre classifications as a series of market institutons, that is of institutionali­sed production for that same market all in all, in the space almost congested by the offer of big and small series of photographic inventions as omni-determining for the photographer’s report and his personality, Tudor, in hermit-like isolation, and with ascetic discipline, deals with primary language of photography and explicitly by its expression.