Malinska, 27 years later

architect Boris Magaš
project Mahulja Family House, The Island of Krk, Croatia
written by Nana Palinić


Sometimes, the house of the future is more solid, brighter, more spacious than all the houses of the past. Opposed to the native house there is the dreamed of house. And late in life, with invincible courage the man keeps saying: what I have not done, I shall do – I shall build a house. This dream-house can also be a common owner’s dream,a concentrate of everything considered as comfortable, cosy, healthy, solid, or attractive to other people. This house, then, has to satisfy the otherwise incompatible terms – pride and reason.


During 1997 and 1998, working parallel with the projects for the Jarun City stadium in Zagreb, the New Stadium Kantrida in Rijeka and the Dominican church at Volovčica in Zagreb, the architect Boris Magaš, designed a house for the family Mahulja, returning to the ambient close to the controversial, both praised and disputed at the same time, hotel complex Haludovo built 27 years earlier.