New Objectivity of the House in Griže

architect Nande Korpnik
project Manufacture and Family House Acman, Griže near Žalac, Slovenia
written by Janez Koželj


The residential and office building stands in one of the peripheral zones of Gri‘e, a wide spread  and  with scattered  houses covered place, so typical for the Slovenian dispersed country landscape. A smaller building of a uniform and regular body is located between the two equally characteristic, anonymous family houses and a double drying shed connected by the same roof truss – kozolec.

The body of the house completely occupies the space of the stables  that once stood in this place.


The first impression shows that the house was designed with delight, without spending too much time on searching for a right solution and without those tedious efforts burdened by doubts that usually turn even the freshest of initial ideas into an old one. The architect immediately noticed the offered opportunity to test in practice the principle of Critical Regionalism and used it at once. Thus, with conscious pedantry he could bow to the urban that is to say the building protection norm, knowing that the bureaucratic mind would not understand that revolutionary part of the project, which was hiding behind the consistent consideration of the permitted. Critical pragmatism!