The Croats - Christianity, Culture, Art

authors Vladimir Marković, Miljenko Domijan & Branko Silađin
written by Zvonko Maković


The exhibition “The Croats-Christianity, culture, the arts”, which was opened at the end of October in the Sixtus the Vth Hall within the Vatican´s museums, was conceived as an event, presenting through a reduced number of exhibits, strong Christian tradition of the Croats since the ninth century to our days. This exhibition includes paintings, sculputures, drawings, books, musical scores, and various archive material witnessing directly to political and religious relations between the Croats and the Vatican. The head of the project was mr. Vladimir Marković, the Professor at Art History Department of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences in Zagreb. , and his closest collaborators were Miljenko Domijan, the chief Conservationist and the co-Minister for cultural heritage and the architect Branko Sila|in who designed the exhibition´s display. To this leading trio one should add some others who covered their particular fields such as art-historians Nikola Jakšić, Igor Fisković, Radoslav Tomić, Tonko Maroević and An|elko Badurina, then historians Mirko Valentić, Franjo Šanjek, Tomislav Raukar, Milan Kruhek, Slavko Kovačić and Tomislav Mrkonjić, the ethnologist Vitomir Belaj, the musicologists Katarina Livljanić, Ennio Stipčević and Zdravko Blažeković and the literature historians Josip Bratulić, Mirko Tomasović, Dunja Fališevac and Krešimir Nemec.